Our Work


MACPM Encourages “Care, not criminalization”

"MACPM opposes LD871, a bill that would make it a crime for a breastfeeding person to expose their infant to controlled substances through breastmilk, citing a commitment to offer support and not punishment to those struggling with substance use issues. Thought he bill has been withdrawn, MACPM is working with other stakeholders to assure that the state offer “care and not criminalization” to those struggling with addiction."

MACPM joins others in supporting Maine’s Paid Family & Medical Leave Bill

Nearly one in four people returns to work within 10 days of giving birth. LD1410, a bill to create a paid family and medical leave program in Maine, would create allow families to make a choice about when to return to work not solely based on finances. MACPM has submitted testimony in support of this important legislation.



MACPM opposes mandating vitamin K and eye prophylaxis

"MACPM strongly supports patient autonomy and rejects restricting the ability of patients or their parents to make choices related to their care. Not only do we believe that limitation of patient choice violates basic principles of ethics related to patient autonomy, but we also believe that compelling patients or their parents to accept treatment will not lead to greater compliance, but rather greater opposition. While we hold that all birthing people should be educated thoroughly about the risks of declining intramuscular vitamin k supplementation and prophylactic antibiotic eye ointment for their newborns, we oppose any move to compel providers to administer such treatment in opposition to the will of patients or their parents."